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  • designing and implementation of thermal and cold insulations and in power engineering and other industries, special-made turbine insulations, complex maintenance, repairs and reconstruction of thermal insulations
  • designing and implementing measures to reduce noise in industry and building (panels, silencers, acoustic covers)
  • cladding of halls and industrial buildings: a complete cladding, including the filling of openings (windows, doors, gates, skylights, etc.)
  • We have our own projections, with the latest software and 3D visualization, which we can offer to customers in the phase of the projecting to provide the perfect image of the final product

Thermal insulation

PRVNÍ IZOLAČNÍ ALFA s.r.o. provides comprehensive services in the field of thermal insulations.

  • insulation of special equipment such as reactors, filters, tanks, heat exchangers and other apparatuses
  • insulation of boilers including accessories
  • insulation of aboveground piping, pipe bridges, etc.
  • insulation of underground piping, heating channels and collectors, etc.
  • insulation of air conditioning equipment, distribution channels, etc.
  • insulation of central heating
  • insulation of boilers and their accessories
  • insulation of furnaces and dryers
  • insulation of turbines and their accessories / special stuffed, sewn mattresses made of high temperature glass fabric
  • preparation of project documentation
  • documentation of quality

Noise measures

PRVNÍ IZOLAČNÍ ALFA s.r.o. provides comprehensive services in the field of noise insulation.

  • processing of acoustic studies
  • designing and development
  • preparation of project documentation and detailed 3D view, where the customer gets a fair idea about the final outcome at the designing phase
  • silencers for technological equipment
  • acoustic insulation covers and turbines, fans, diesel generators, pumps, etc.
  • acoustic shielding enclosures drives - hydro clutches, periflex clutches, etc.
  • acoustic screens of industrial equipment

Building cladding

PRVNÍ IZOLAČNÍ ALFA s.r.o. provides comprehensive services in the building cladding.

  • cladding sandwich panels with an insulating core
  • walls and roof cladding trapezoidal sheets with and without insulation
  • sheetmetal and substructure design
  • additional elements - windows, fenestration components, door systems, ventilation louvers, etc.